NYC — The Rockettes Show


It’s time for the biggest freaking highlight of the whole New York trip… that’s right, The Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular (such a mouthful) starring my friend, Brittany Bean. Who is the most amazing performer out there, while also being the awesome person that got us a backstage tour. Thank you, Brittany!


Starting at the beginning, we walked up to Radio City and saw the intimidating line there was. That thing literally wrapped around the building and we were there thirty minutes early! I can’t imagine what it would be like if you had gotten there on time?! We eventually made it into the building and stood there gaping for a few minutes. What can I say? The building was beautiful.

Now back up a week to my mom getting us these really sketchy seat upgrades for the show. I mean we were originally up on the first mezzanine somewhere, but my mom found this upgrade that moved us up to the 4th row for $30/ticket. Sketchy? Totally. Did we upgrade? Hecks yes.

We asked practically everyone if they had heard about this upgrade and were not impressed. No one had a clue about what we were talking about. We were starting to think we got scammed. Trust me, not a great feeling.

But then… we found someone who knew what we were talking about and showed us where to go. Insert tears of joy.

They led us to our 4th-row seats and I was in awe. I don’t think I have ever been that close to the stage before. Thank you sketchy seat upgrades and to my mother who found them. You’re the bomb.

Then we waited for the show to start and I sat there; snap chatting away because pics or it didn’t happen.

Then the show started and I absolutely adored it. I was like a mad woman trying to get pictures and videos of everything. I mean the Rockettes were awesome, Brittany was a dancing phenomenon, there were live animals and an adorable little boy. Oh, let’s not forget! Santa even gave me a shout-out during the show. Life made.

After the show ended, we got to go backstage and see how everything works and it was so cool.


Seriously, seeing how everything works behind the scenes is so fascinating. So on multiple occasions during the show, there are various things that are moving around in circles. You know, like people dancing and double decker busses. As it turns out, they have this giant turntable on the stage. Seriously, it’s huge. And it holds so much weight and when you’re on the stage you can look down the crack and see. It’s terrifying.

Then, during one part of the show, the Rockettes are on a double decker bus that’s driving through NYC. When the bus goes off-stage, instead of turning it around, they flip the front and back bumpers. It’s really cool.


For as big of a theatre Radio City is, there isn’t much space. So they store things by suspending them in mid-air. Like when you are walking around there are props above your head. It’s like please don’t fall on me.

There are also three elevators that they use during the show to get around. It’s crazy.



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