NYC — Day 1


We started off in the morning at 3:30 a.m. Do you know how hard it is to do makeup that early? And I was feeling brave so I decided to do winged eyeliner. Brilliant.

We headed to the airport and the highway was deserted. We were literally the only ones on the road for a solid half hour. Unheard of.

On to the plane where there were tv shows! Well, one tv show. A.k.a House of Cards. Which was great… Except for the naked girl in the first episode. Kind of awkward watching that with a plane full of strangers. Oh well, at least it was free.

After a three-hour flight of naked people and sleeping, we finally landed. Cue Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York”. This driver named Guy picked us up and he was absolutely adorable. Except when he hit a bunch of cones. I lost some of my confidence in Guy. Poor sweet newsboy cap wearing Guy. (Newsboy: a hat; look it up)

IMG_3003 But overall everything was great until we hit NYC traffic. Oh the traffic. You think Texas traffic is bad? The honking. You don’t need to honk just because someone else did. Trust me, we get you’re in a bad mood. Message received.

I also got to watch two people reunite on the sidewalk. There was a lot of “Oh my gods” and hugging. I felt like a total creep, but it was a cute movie moment.

We stayed at the Muse Hotel and it was pretty cool… except for the room not being ready. It’s okay though because we were starving so we went to get some “quick” food. Except that took like an hour because NYC is confusing.

But it turns out that I’m a pretty good navigator. We ended up eating at a bakery on the same street as our hotel… An hour later. We were ravenous.

And I proved how much of a tourist I really am. Seriously though, I took pictures of all the things. If it was Christmas themed… I probably have a picture of it.

Here’s a few:

Now we wait for the room. While I drink strawberry lemon water… I’m still not sure about that flavor combo.

We finally got our room and it is adorable. And the best part: it has a selfie mirror. The lighting is perfection and you look amazing in it. I seriously took about fifty selfies. I know I have a problem, you don’t need to tell me.

Then I got a call from the Rangers– I got rehired to be a Six Shooter! Vacation made.

After a quick rest and a lot of post job hiring excitement, we went to meet up with Brittany before the show. (You will see her in tons of pictures later.) She took us to this place called Blue Bottle. I’m not a coffee drinker so I’ll take their word on how spectacular is was… But I did get a hot chocolate and wow. It. Was. Delicious. And pretty. That’s what is important.

Then we headed to The Christmas Spectacular! Which I am going to write about in depth in another blog. You can also read about behind the scenes at Radio City Music Hall. (Thank you, Brittany!)

Lastly, there will also be another NYC BLOG — Day 2 coming soon. Lots of blogs coming your way.

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