NYC — Day 2

We slept in… Kind of. In Texas, it would be 7 a.m. but it still counts because I usually wake up at 6.

We got ready and used the fabulous selfie mirror… I was definitely getting spoiled by its greatness. Then it was time for breakfast.

We went to Nios, it was right in our hotel, so minimal walking and no jacket required.

While eating breakfast, we contemplated how we didn’t eat dinner. It excused how we devoured our breakfast. At least, we think it did.

I probably made the maids mad because I drew all over the mirror with lipstick. It was for a great selfie. No regrets whatsoever.


We walked over to Bryant Park to meet up with my grandma and her friend for the day. We got Starbucks so we could be #basic. And my grandma got me the cutest ornament ever. She’s the best.

Then we went onto one of those double decker bus tours. And proceeded to take pictures of everything. Random buildings, a bear, street signs- you name it and I’ve got a picture.

Being on the top was great until I froze. My hands were actually numb while I was typing this. And NYC smells. Really bad. I needed nose plugs.

Finally, we moved down to the bottom part of the bus. I could thaw. I’m not like Elsa, the cold bothered me.

And the tour did too. Pro tip: when going on tours find out how long they are going to be beforehand. We found out while on the bus that it was a 4-5 hour trip. Hecks no.

By the time we got off we were starving, pee dancing and cold. We needed to find food and a toilet ASAP.

Back up for a second. Remember when I was on the double decker and was so thankful I wasn’t in the swarm of people? We ended up in the swarm of people. All I could think about was that if a zombie outbreak happened how screwed we would be. Seriously, absolutely zero chance of survival.

We did cross bathrooms off the list, but we still needed food and warmth. No warmth was found, but we did find a snack. And my grandma sacrificed half of her sandwich for me. She is bae.

About an hour of funny “dates gone wrong” stories and shivering off all the calories we ate, we went back to the hotel. And MISSED HAPPY HOUR. Ugh. But we ordered a pizza. The proceeded to eat all of the pizza. And then we were finally warm and full. So full.

We did not leave the hotel again that night. Well except for my mom. She went to get wine, but that was at the bar downstairs.

We also found out that this weekend is the busiest weekend of the year in NYC. Bus drivers will refuse to work today. Then my mom went and got more wine after she heard that. I feel like that was well-deserved.

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