Disneyland — 2017

Hello loves,

If you haven’t already seen the many pictures on my Instagram this year, for my 22nd birthday my amazing mother took me to Disneyland to celebrate and I wanted to share my trip with you. So, of course here are a bunch of pictures of our adventures plus Disney outfits!

So we actually flew on my birthday and if the Disney trip wasn’t enough, my mom also upgraded me to first class for the trip. Now, I’ve NEVER been first class before so I was reasonably excited. (Jumping up and down hysterically like a maniac.)

As soon as we got to the Grand Californian Hotel, we changed and headed out to Disneyland, birthday button proudly displayed. It was beautiful out and of course, we needed to get some birthday snacks!

And ran into Cruella, who took an interest in my spotted shirt. Apparently, she’s a fan of spots? Who knew? ;P

She also spent a good amount of time lecturing my mom on the faux pas of wearing stripes.

And of course, we can’t forget about my birthday dinner! We went to the Blue Bayou which is actually in the Pirates of the Carribean ride and had surf ‘n turf. YUMM. And a nice mickey mouse for dessert!

Lucky for us, Texas to California is a 2 hour time difference so we naturally woke up at 5 a.m. to be first in line. #EarlyBirdStatus

We rode a couple of rides and had some delicious breakfast, where we proceeded to have a photoshoot and then enjoyed the rest of our amazing day.


Apparently today I was way more focused on my insta story and having fun to take many pictures… BUT I am going to make a video with my insta stories and upload it very soon. 🙂

Plus, we discovered these amazing macarons in Downtown Disney and a Sprinkles Cupcakes. #YUM #Dead #SoGood

More adventures and MORE FOOD. Because Beauty and the Beast just came out, they changed the Pinocchio restaurant to Red Rose Taverne Restaurant. It was so good and adorable!

Oh. And let me tell you about how LONG it took us to get a picture in front of that door. Ugh. It’s motion censored so anytime anyone came near it, it opened. Definitely a struggle but it was worth it!

Of course, we also wanted to get some pictures in the hotel because it was SO PRETTY! And the amazing staff left us 4 Ghiradelli chocolates at turn down service every night. Plus the 20 the day of checkout! YUM.







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