How To “Wing It”

I like to think that I’m pretty good at makeup but in all honesty I’ve taught myself everything I know. Well… correction, YouTube has taught me everything.

But even after all of these years, there is one thing that still stumps me. You probably know what I’m talking about… winged eyeliner.

It kills me every time because I want everything to be even and perfect and it just isn’t. I’ve watched so many tutorials, but I’ve had little success. It obviously works for them but definitely not for me.

I mean I’ll give the tape one some credit, it works, but I really don’t want to put tape on my eye every day. My eyes are sensitive and red isn’t a good look for me. So scratch that and save it for special occasions. (Really special occasions because that can’t be good for your eye.)

But after trial and error  I have finally found a way that works for me and possibly could work for you.

I think the most important thing to this look is the eyeliner used. Trust me, it doesn’t need to be expensive to work.


What I use: NYC Liquid Liner

The NYC Liquid Liner is great because it’s super cheap and very dark. I always had problems with the wing just being too dang thick but with this liner that isn’t a problem. The brush is tiny and flexible so I can make that wing extremely precise. The only bad thing about this is it doesn’t dry immediately so smudging may happen… unfortunately.


Now onto the technique I use:

Step 1: Take a white eye shadow and put it underneath where you want your wing to sit.



Step 2: Take the liner and flick it out on top of the white line.



Step 3: Connect it back from the tip and make a weirdly shaped triangle.



Step 4: Line your lash line thinly. This is just to get started so it doesn’t need to be perfect.



Step 5: Start thickening up your lash line and connect it to your wing.



Step 6: Go over the whole line and make sure it’s smooth and straight.



Step 7: Darken the rest of your eye shadow accordingly and add mascara.

This is usually the kind of eyeliner I do, but you could definitely take it to the next level…

You might even go for the fake lash route…


But definitely stop before you reach the clown stage.


It’s a pain in the butt to get off.



Trust me.





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11 thoughts on “How To “Wing It”

  1. […] Now for the terrifying part. I am by no means a professional at eyeliner and I was completely terrified that I was going to screw this whole look up with it. I used my NYC Liquid Eyeliner and gave myself a decent sized wing. I always love winged eyeliner for dramatic looks. For a more detailed eyeliner post, click HERE. […]


  2. It’s absolutely beautiful, I love the way you nailed the wing, which is something I serious find troublesome. I love your eyes, the way you apply your make is definitely inspiring. ❤ Jealous.

    — Miku

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