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Traveling is not the easiest for a makeup enthusiast like myself. Why? Because I just want to bring everything! I’ve finally gotten it down to where I can fit everything in my makeup bag, a huge accomplishment in itself! Here are my makeup essentials for travel.


I have to bring a primer with me wherever I go. Especially if I am traveling to a place with humidity. If I am going to put forth the effort with makeup, then I definitely want it to stay on.

I love the NYX Primer Base because I really feel like it keeps my skin looking matte all day. I also will occasionally use this as an eyeshadow base. Your shadows aren’t going anywhere with this stuff.


Foundation is also a must for me. I always bring my Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation because I absolutely adore it. (If you have read any of my previous blogs then you’ve heard this a thousand of times.) But this foundation is on the heavier side so you could always replace it with a light BB Cream.



I usually bring a multitude of concealers because I want variety and I am most definitely a concealer fanatic. The NYX Dark Circle Corrector and the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind are both great for my tired eye dark circles… especially, for those early morning flights! 🙂

The Dermablend and NYX Full Coverage concealers are my safety nets. In other words, for coverage purposes. You never know when you’re going to get a spot and the last thing you need is to not have a concealer to hide it.



I will bring a translucent powder and a mattifying powder. My under eye concealer creases like a boss so I always set it with a translucent powder. For the rest of my makeup, well all oily-skinned girls know to always powder it. No powder is makeup suicide.



My contour game needs to be strong so I bring the NYX Pro Contour Palette. This may look large but it is extremely thin so I think it’s worth the space sacrifice. And if you’re feeling lazy or space conservative, this also works great as eyeshadow!



Now, you could just use the highlighter in the NYX palette… but I have a highlighter addiction. I usually bring both sets of these highlighter palettes from Hourglass because they are just so pretty and versatile. Plus, I use both of these blushes on the daily, so I can’t part with them.



This Kat Von D Eyeshadow Palette is so versatile that I can’t not bring it when I’m traveling. You may notice that this whole palette is matte but fear not! That is what all of my highlighters are for.


I usually wear both of these mascaras together so I can’t leave one behind. They are basically related and must not be separated.

I try to bring a variety of eyeliners as well. So I bring a white, a black and a liquid. I’m pretty sure with these three I can accomplish any eye look I want.


Looking at my lipstick choices, I just realized I didn’t bring a red. Don’t be like me. Bring a red.

Other than my lack of red, I feel like these give me enough options for any kind of lipstick mood I’m in. These are all pretty moisturizing and pigmented and can be mixed together to create other shades!


I feel like brushes are one of the most important things you can bring. If you have the right brush, you can get more creative with your makeup.

For example: If you’ve got a great liner brush you can use some of your eyeshadow as liner.

I also bring my beauty blender but he, unfortunately, didn’t make the picture cut. Bad Elena.


This is from Vera Bradley and it is an absolute life saver. It’s a really nice size for travel but it also has a plastic lining in it. This is great becuase I don’t have to worry about anything ruining the material.

I hope this will help you when packing for any trips in the future! Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “Travel | Makeup Essentials 

    1. I like it! I don’t know about how “mattifying” it is but I love it because it adds the perfect amount of color to my skin! (My foundation is a touch too pale.) It also is great with smoothing and blurring everything!

      Girl me too! I am absolutely obsessed with them! 😍

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