2 Lip Products | 8 Lip Looks


I don’t typically buy a lot of lip products so I want to get the most out of the products that I do buy. So here is how I use a lip liner and a lipstick to get eight different lipstick looks!

I am only using two makeup products for this tutorial. (If that’s what this is? I’m not quite sure.)

I am using the Covergirl Lipstick in Dulce de Leche and the Rimmel Lip Liner in Enchantment.

Number 1:

Starting with the easiest (and most obvious), I just applied the lipstick onto my lips straight out of the tube.

Number 2:

Next for the most minimalistic one. The only difference is the application. Instead of putting the lipstick straight onto my lips, I used my ring finger to apply it. This just makes the lipstick a tad bit lighter and more natural.

Number 3:

In this one, I added some lip liner into the mix.


I wasn’t going for an actual lined lip look… I was just trying to make them look a little bit fuller.

Number 4:

Now for the lip liner look. I just took my lip liner and traced around the edge of my lips. Or a little bit outside of the edge. (I wanted bigger lips, okay?!) I wanted this to blend so I used my finger to smudge the liner so the line wasn’t super obvious.

Number 5:

Okay guys… It’s time for some ombre!


I used the liner on the outer corner of my lips and applied the lipstick right over the middle part of the liner and center of my lips. This helped to create a subtle ombre. If you want a more dramatic one, you can always use a white cream in the center and blend that out.

Number 6:

This time I did what people normally do. I filled in my lips completely with the lip liner and then completely with the lipstick. This is great when you want a more neutral pink color!

Number 7:

This time I left out the lipstick and just lined my lips with the lip liner.

And finally Number 8.

This time I filled in my lips with the lip liner and blotted it with a paper towel (many, many times) to mattify it. The great thing about this one is it’s not going anywhere.

I hope this gave you guys some ideas on how to wear your lipstick! Thanks for reading!



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