Lorac Unzipped Gold Palette – Swatches & Review

Hello loves,

I recently got the Lorac Unzipped Gold Palette and I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you!


Price: $42 at Ulta


This palette comes with an eyeshadow primer but I’m not crazy about it. I normally don’t wear eyeshadow primers but when I used this one I feel like there was more pigment transfer then when I go without it! So strange!


The palette comes with 10 shades, 4 matte and 6 shimmer! When I first swatched them I was a little bit nervous because while the powders were incredibly soft, they were also really flakey and making a bit of a mess…


Using them with brushes is absolutely a dream.

They are super soft and extremely pigmented. Like I would dip my brush into the product and BAM. SO MUCH PIGMENT.


The colors are absolutely gorgeous but I do wish it had a little more in shade range. I’m a pale girl over here and while the shade “Undressed” is a great base color, it is not light enough for a highlight. And I also found myself reaching for a matte black because the browns are really dark but sometimes you just need a black. Ya know?

But that is just me being picky, obviously I have other palettes with those shades in them.


*Without flash


*With flash

Can we just talk about the shade “unleashed” for a quick second? OMG. This color is AMAZING. It is this gorgeous amber gold looking shade and I think that it and “unafraid” are my absolute favorite shades in the whole palette.

Oh and the names are seriously so cute. All of them start with “un” because it is the “Unzipped” palette! Adorable!

Overall, I think this palette is definitely worth it! The colors are absolutely stunning and go on like butter with so much pigment you would think I was like swirling my brush around in it.


This is my first time trying Lorac eye shadows but it definitely wont be my last! They are absolutely great!

Thanks for reading! Have you tried this palette yet? Thoughts?


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