Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Swatches & Review

Hello loves,

If you haven’t seen my last post, “What I got for Christmas – 2016”, I got the Anastasia Glow Kit from my mom! (I know, she knows me so well! :P)


I’ve been using it everyday since Christmas so I thought I would let you know my thoughts on it!


*With Flash


*Without Flash



So I bet you can guess which shade is my favorite, right?


I absolutely adore “Snow!” It is a straight up white shade that is perfect if you’re looking for that Instagram/YouTube beam highlight. This highlighter is also perfect for those pale princesses out there! It actually shows up on pale skin. Obviously. Straight up white tends to do that. lol.


This shade is like a beautiful champagne color. It still looks good on pale skin but it’s not quite as dramatic as “snow”.

*Hint: I put “white sand” on my lower cheekbone and “snow” on the highest point of my cheekbone! I feel like it gives me an all over highlighted look and makes it blend a little bit more.


The rest of these shades are a little bit too dark on me to actually work as a highlight. (In my opinion.) #palegirlprobz BUT that doesn’t mean I’m not going to use them! I just use them as gorgeous eye shadows for those days when I want to be extra sparkly and not matte.

They work amazing well as eye shadows! They give you pigment as well as sparkle!

Depending on the eye look I am going for, I will usually use “Sunray” or “Golden Dawn” as lid colors with “Amber Gold” as a crease shade and “Hot Sand” for the outer corner!

But I seriously can’t wait to try out these “darker” highlights during the summer when I get tanner because they are GORGEOUS!

Overall, I LOVE this palette! The highlighters have a super creamy consistency and have just the right amount of sparkle to be super highlight-y but not so much to look glittery!

Thank you guys so much for reading! Have you tried this palette? What do you think about it?


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