WRAP IT UP | What to do with your extra wrapping paper

Hello loves,

Anyone else have WAY TOO MUCH wrapping paper? I have mountains of it. And I always buy more the next year so it ends up just wasting away in this giant bag that is ripping and it’s just so sad.

So this year, I’m going to show you some ways to use your excess wrapping paper!

I graduated college this year and with graduation come graduation caps. Which means: DECORATING.

In high school, I went crazy at Hobby Lobby. This year… let’s face it. I was so lazy. So after my annual wrapping paper shopping extravaganza, I decided to be creative.

In other words, how I got a super blinged out graduation cap:


What I used:

-Target wrapping paper

-Aleene’s Jewel-It Embellishing Glue or Hot Glue

-Swarovski Crystals/ Rhinestones

-Pearls (obviously not the real kind)

First things first, BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING:

Check which side of the hat is the front!

Moving on…

Hot glue is dangerous in my hands so I used a jewel embellishing glue to glue a square of this super sparkly wrapping paper onto the top of my cap. To avoid glue lines (#failingfirstattempt) make the square of wrapping paper big enough to fold under the hat. Glue these edges down.

Shoutout to all my dance girls out there: If you have any old costumes with rhinestones on them, you can save a lot of money by picking those off!

I then proceeded to add my picked off rhinestones and pearls onto the cap with the jewel embellishing glue. If you don’t have a terrible relationship with hot glue, you could just glue the stones and pearls down that way. But keep in mind that you won’t be able to move the stones around to get the perfect placement.

I would glue a straight line and then add the stones. The glue takes a long to dry so I could readjust if I needed to.

After about an hour and many glue-coated fingers later, I was done laying down my stones. I waited overnight for it to turn clear and was done!


If you’re into making hand-made Christmas cards- use it for decoration!


What I used:

-Wrapping paper

-A single hole punch



This is super simple. I hole punched my paper until I had a bunch of glittery circles and glued them on. I also cut out the first letter of the recipient’s name! This is super easy and pretty cute for a card DIY.

You could also cut out a word like JOY or if you’re feeling really brave “MERRY CHRISTMAS”.

Lastly, there is actually wrapping presents. (And giving the rest to your mom so she can wrap presents and your tree can look all cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.)


Thanks for reading!

What do you use your Christmas wrapping paper for?







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