Adele Concert — Dallas

Hello loves,

So I got to check off something from my bucket list…I got to see freaking ADELE live. And because she is my absolute obsession (seriously, I have a problem…) I thought I would take y’all along with me!

Let’s start off with my outfit:



Top: White House Black Market

Vest: Macys

Shoes: Toms

We went to pick up our tickets and searched for a white wall so I could take this picture…


*I was fangirling and jumping around so hardcore when they handed us these tickets.*

Then we went to dinner at Olivella’s Neo Pizza Napoletana.

IMG_8384 2.JPG

They have this delicious dessert pizza that is to die for!


Yes, that is Nutella you see! And pecans, pears and roasted marshmallows. It has ROASTED MARSHMALLOWS. I’m dead. From the amazing goodness of this dessert pizza.

Then, this happened.




I have so many videos but I have no idea where to post them… If y’all have any suggestions- please let me know!


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