DIY Uneven Hem Jeans 

Hello loves,

It’s a rainy day today and you know what that means… It’s a DIY day!

I’ve recently seen a bunch of pictures with jeans that have an uneven hem and thought they were so cute! But why would I pay money when I could just cut up an old pair of jeans? So here is how I did it.

What you are going to need:


-A pair of jeans that you don’t mind cutting. [I used a pair of Paige jeans from Nordstrom that I always have to cuff because they’re way too long.]

-A pair of scissors.

-A tape measure or a ruler.

-A pen to mark measurements.


Turn your jeans inside out and cut off the seam. I suggest cutting a small slit through the seam on both sides and then cutting the rest off. It makes it a lot easier in my opinion.


Put on the jeans and figure out where you want the jeans to hit. I wanted the front to hit my ankle and the back mid-heel-ish.

In the front, I cut off 5 inches and the back 1.5. Now, you can always cut off more later (which I did) so be conservative with the amount you are cutting off.

For this style, I figured out that about 2.5 inches between the 2 sides (front and back) was a good length and I cut more off the back at a later time.


CUT. I cut up the sides first and then continued across.


See those tiny little white strings. Pull them. Carefully. This is to encourage the fraying at the bottom when you wash them.

That’s it! Try them on and adjust any of the measurements.

Here are some pictures before I washed and dried them.


And here are some pictures of the jeans after washing and drying.

Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday!


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