5 Days in Disneyland 

Hello loves,

I just got back from, you guessed it, Disneyland, California! It was a mother/daughter trip and can I say what an amazing 5 days it was. I thought I would share with you some of my pictures and outfits. (Trust me there are many).

Day 1

I had a plain white tank top on because let’s face it… the top I’m wearing over definitely likes to plunge off my shoulder and I did not want to be showing off my bra to everyone.

The Mickey shirt is from Target and I love love love it. It’s super comfortable, wayyy oversized and perfect for Disney. I just had to get used to the way it fell off my shoulder because man it did not want to stay there!

And because I wanted to be comfy, I’m wearing a pair of knee-cut Nike leggings. And some super comfy Nike sneakers. It’s Disney people. We were walking over 20,000 steps a day. My feet need comfort.

Day 2

So if you don’t know… I’m from Texas. Aka the 100 degrees and rising state. Cali was in the 70’s. Yeah, I’m going to freaking break out my long sleeves.

This black and white striped jacket thing is again from Target and the comfiest thing ever. I got it in an extra large and let me tell you how perfect it is. I threw this on with another pair of black Nike leggings and I was feeling pretty cute.

I also kind of got into the whole doing my makeup thing while over there and I’ll be sure to post a blog with how I did my makeup!

Day 3

I was definitely feeling this white and black poke-dotted crop top with some high waisted jean shorts. Really feeling it. And I paired it with my Birkenstocks. Because, comfort.

Day 4

I may have bought some things. Unfortunately, it was a little chilly so you can’t see my undershirt but trust me, it was Disney worthy. I had a white shirt with Minnie Mouse bow ALL over.

Then I saw this lightweight sweatshirt with Mickey on it. I was a goner.

I paired it with my BP navy blue leggings and bought a ring. I couldn’t resist. The Haunted Mansion ride just had a night before Christmas makeover and I had to buy a Jack Skelington ring. Where am I ever going to find one of those again?? And it was only $10 so I felt like I was being good.

Day 5

Looking back now I realized I didn’t take many pics of day five. BUT have y’all heard of Tsum Tsums???

They are my new obsession. Look how freaking adorable they are! 😍

We went to see the Frozen show again. Because it was so good we had to see it twice.

And I went to a drawing class and got to draw Baymax. Have I told you how much I love Baymax?

Anyway, that was my trip to Disney!

Thanks, as always for reading and I hope that you all are having an amazing day.

Until next time,


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