Tutorial: Easy Brush Cleaning


I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine’s Day! Originally I was going to post a G.R.W.M BUT I’ve been sick all weekend so I thought what better time to tell you the easiest way ever to clean your makeup brushes and sponges!

Especially after you’ve probably dirtied them all up trying new and creative looks for Valentine’s Day.

Let’s begin.

You know all of those fancy silicone brush mats you can buy to make cleaning your brushes easier? Don’t.

This is a dish scrubberΒ (this one is heart shaped) that is perfect for cleaning makeup brushes. It has tons of tiny soft bristles that get all of the makeup out of your brushes AND beauty blenders!

Best part… it was like $10.

Instead of buying fancy brush cleaners, I concoct my own.


-Dish Soap

-Vegetable Oil

The dish soap is to clean the brushes and the vegetable oil is to keep them soft and not that weird crusty texture that sometimes happens.

I will lightly swirl my dirty brush into both the oil and the dish soap and then move it over to the sink.

I will then swirl the soapy brush onto my flower of amazingness. You will be amazed at how much product is hiding inside of your brush. (And by amazed, I mean disgusted.)


After I squeeze out all of the water and place the brush onto a paper towel, I continue on with my other brushes.

Do you see some of the makeup coming off? Ewwwww.


I also use this method on my Beauty Blenders! It gets all of the makeup stains off and it takes a fraction of the time!

Short and Sweet. Hopefully.

I hope this helps you and thanks for reading loves!

Seriously, though. Y’all are the best.



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