Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Palette & Swatches

With the start of a new month comes a new product!

We’ve all heard about the Gwen Stefani Collection at Urban Decay, more specifically the eyeshadow palette. But what about the rest of the collection?

I don’t typically buy a lot of blush but I absolutely couldn’t resist.

Yes, I bought the Gwen Stefani Blush Palette.

This was $45 at Ulta, which might seem kind of pricey but you’re getting six shades so it’s totally worth it.

For real, though, this palette is absolutely stunning. It has five shimmery and one matte shade. I can already see this being a multi-purpose palette. Which is my favorite kind of palette.


The first thing I noticed while swatching this palette was how pigmented the colors were! And because I couldn’t resist, I also put Hush onto my cheeks and wow. It was still just as pigmented when applied with a brush! And OC was a great highlight color.

 After I’ve used the palette and all the wonderful shades in it, I’ll be back with a review!

Thanks for reading loves!


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