Subtle Overdrawn Lips

Hello, everyone! To start this off, juliasleapsoffaith nominated me for the Liebster Award so if you want to check that out click here!


Just warning you, for this post you are going to get really close and personal with my lips.

Most people like big lips. Thanks, Kylie! But I believe that there is right way to overdraw your lips without making you look like… well this.

I know.. vast overstatement!

So here’s what I do to make my lippies look the tiniest bit more plump.


I will be using the Rimmel Lip Liner in Enchantment for all of the lip lining in this tutorial.

I like to start out with my bottom lip. I drag the lip liner from the corners of my mouth inward to meet at the center. I usually like to keep to my natural lip line at the corners and slightly overdraw the center of my lip. I find this makes it appear more natural.


I feel like the top lip is where you normally want the most overdrawn part to be. Same as my bottom lip, I’m going to start at the corners and follow the natural lip line I already have.

Your cupid’s bow is the most important part, especially if you are going for subtle. When you look at your lips, do you see how there a lighter part directly above your lip? There’s a tiny line of shadow; use that as your guidline for overdrawing. This really helps to not lose your natural lip shape and keep it looking natural.

Now, In order to get that “puckered” look, you’re going to create the lines that would naturally be there if you had extremely puffy lips. These are supposed to make your lips look like they are so full, they are literally creating folds.


I’m going to be using the Covergirl lipstick in Dulce de Leche.


I glide the lipstick on like I would normally. The lipstick I used is not matte, which is a big no-no for overdrawn lips. I am going to use a translucent powder to mattify it.

I get a tiny bit of the translucent powder and tap it onto my lips and this is the result. Much better.


Next, I’m going to add back dimmension that mattifying the lips took away. I put Iridescent Light onto the center of my bottom lip and my cupids bow. Then I took Sculp and applied it underneath my bottom lip. This is supposed to create a more defined shadow underneath your bottom lip to help with the illusion of bigger lips.

And I’m done! Subtle overdrawn lips.



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