Curls — No Heat or Overnight Wait

I love styling my hair, but like everyone else I don’t want to use heat all the time. When I cut my hair, all of the tricks I had for overnight curls were left obsolete. They just didn’t work for my short hair. But I finally found something that works and I wanted to share it with you!


I washed my hair the night before and let it air-dry so I am starting off withΒ it being in its natural state. For this curling technique to work, your hair needs to be damp. There are a couple ways to do this: You could take a spray bottle and lightly mist your hair or do what I’m doing. I take my brush and run it under some water then brush it through my hair.

*It’s really important that you don’t get your hair too wet. The wetter it is, the longer you need to leave it to dry.

The basic concept of this technique is substituting curlers with your fingers and pinning them in place. I always start with the front sections of my hair. I grab a 1-2 inch section, place two fingers near the hair and wrap the hair around my fingers. For the “roots” section, I will take my fingers out and continue rolling the hair until it’s touching my scalp. Then, pin it in place.

I use large bobbi pins to hold the hair in place because I always have them on hand, they don’t leave weird creases in my hair, and they are the most comfortable.

I then repeat this process all around my head.

*If your mother comments that you look likeΒ her grandmother, you’re doing it right!

To encourage my hair to hold this curl, I spray the Garnier Fructis Style Volumizing Anti- Humidity Hairspray while it’s in its grandma style.


I ususally leave my grandma hairstyle in for around 20-25 minutes. Typically, I will do this hairstyle when I first wake up and leave it while I’m doing my makeup and eating breakfast. By the time I’m done my hair is ready to go.

Once my 25 minutes is up, I start taking the bobbi pins out until all the curls are set free. Then I apply another coat of hairspray and scrunch it with my fingers for a more beachy look.

And… DONE. I love that this uses no heat. It seriously makes me so happy that I’ve finally found something that works. On my hair, this hairstyle holds all day and it’s so worth the 20 minute wait!

I hope this helps anyone who wants no heat curls!


30 thoughts on “Curls — No Heat or Overnight Wait

  1. I’m literally going to have to try this, especially since I know nothing about hair and need to get my hair cut. So thank you! And I must say, you are absolutely gorgeous πŸ™‚

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  2. Thank you for this post! I always feel like I’m slightly damaging my hair by curling it, even with heat resistant spray, but, waiting overnight with painful bumps of hair, is annoying too, so this is perfect thank you!!!

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