Surviving Class When You’d Rather be Asleep

I am often compared to a koala bear or a grandma because I like love sleep. Yes, I am a 20-year-old college student and I go to bed at 9 pm.

I don’t drink coffee *gasp* so I actually need sleep in order to function like a normal human being at 6 am. My “grandma” sleep routine works great until something makes me stay up late. *cough* college class registration.

So here is how I (attempt to) survive my classes after getting no sleep.

Take notes.

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I know, obvious. But seriously, the act of trying to write down everything the professor says makes the time fly by. You don’t even notice how tired you are because you’re way more concerned about your cramping hand.

Disregard that comment if you type your notes. You’re probably on Twitter anyway.

Start a blog.

Shameless self promoting.
Shameless self-promoting. Yes, I’m aware I’m doing it.

When I am bored or tired in class I start writing down blog ideas/entries. You’re not going to remember anything from class so make sure it’s not important. At least you didn’t fall asleep.

Chew gum.

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Preferably a minty flavor. I have no idea why, but this helps.  It’s also supposed to be a great studying tool. I’m pretty sure gum is magical. So keep that in mind.

Don’t look at the time. I know it’s hard but avoid it at all costs. It makes time go by so much slower.

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If you keep your concentration on something it will be a lot harder for you to fall asleep. Let your imagination run wild but try to catch at least some of the lecture. Or not.

And if all of this fails, try to get some sleep. Because sleep is seriously amazing. I would know.


3 thoughts on “Surviving Class When You’d Rather be Asleep

  1. Once, when I was in my school’s library, I fell asleep at one of the tables! I had stayed up the entire previous night, watching my favorite TV shows on my laptop. Thus, I was EXHAUSTED! And, the librarians didn’t really appreciate my snoring…

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