Making the CUT — My Haircut Story

As most longhaired girls know, there comes a time in your life when all you want to do is cut it. Whether it’s for a change, to get rid of dead ends (you know you have them) or how much “easier” it will be to take care of — Don’t mind me while I name all the short hair stereotypes.

And to the horror of everyone, especially my mom, I had arrived at that point. After years of having long hair, I just wanted it gone.

I ended up cutting 10 inches and absolutely loved it.


After the initial Instagram post and the “I love it!” comments about a week later came all of the questions. Most frequently, “do you hate it now?”

I wish you could’ve seen the absolute shock on their faces when I admitted that I didn’t regret a thing. The first week I loved it and now 2 weeks later, I STILL love it.

Now you may be asking how in the world do you not miss it?

Well… Here are my ten things I did before the scissors got anywhere close to my beloved hair.

I researched the crap out of different short hairstyles.

Do you know how many “short” hairstyles there are out there? Well to name a few: undercut, bob, a-            line, pixie cut and so many more.

I figured out what my face shape was.

I know, the majority of girls out there believe that they have a round face. Honestly, you probably don’t.

Here’s an easy trick:

*Take a dry erase marker, stand in front of a mirror and outline your face. When you take a step back, look at what you drew. That’s your face shape.*

Now, I looked up what hairstyles would compliment my face shape. (F.Y.I: I have an oval face)

I looked up how to style the haircut that I chose. (LOB. aka a Long Bob)

Seriously, YouTube is your best friend. There are so many hair styling videos out there and it makes your life so much easier.

And that’s it. That was my process. So I hope I helped you if you’re struggling with the short hair vs. long hair struggle.


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